And … we’re live!!!

After months of planning and weeks of anticipation, we’ve finally reached our first day! Despite a (stereotypically!) rainy start to the day, the Vancouver weather cleared just in time for the first art amble led by Dylan Robinson and Coll Thrush.  The amble focussed on Aboriginal art and  examined the history of False Creek’s development from the places known as Skwachà’ys and Khiwah’esks to Concord Pacific’s development of the area as the largest master-planned community in North America.

Art amblers gather in the Olympic Village

After a break to freshen up and enjoy the improving weather, the conference officially kicked off with a ceremonial welcome from the Spakwus Slolem/Eagle Song Dancers. This was followed by opening remarks from organizers Keren Zaointz, Kirsty Johnston, and Peter Dicksinson, who introduced the keynote presentation by Christos Dikeakos and Clint Burnham, who gave a retrospective of his  artistic relationship to the city and his  work engages with the growth of Vancouver as a metropolis.

This was followed by drinks, canopés, and lively conversation!







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