Art Ambles

As part of the conference’s off-site activities, we have commissioned a series of “Art Ambles” through the post-2010 urban landscape of Vancouver. Curated by local artists and scholars, these ambles will allow for different kinds of conversations to take place and will contribute to a shared environmental perspective that will inform discussion and debate.

Art Amble 1

Led by the University of British Columbia’s Dylan Robinson and Coll Thrush, the first amble will take place the afternoon of Wednesday, August 13th in the Olympic Village site on South False Creek. This amble will focus on Aboriginal art (including several Olympic-commissioned pieces) as well as the various layers of “nature” and development of the urban landscape. In particular, we will examine the history of False Creek’s development from the places known as Skwachàys and Khiwah’esks to Concord Pacific’s development of the area as the largest master-planned community in North America. Our walk also draws on the work of environmental and urban historian Bill Cronon’s ideas of first nature (what existed before the presence of Europeans), second nature (the landscape of settler colonialism) and third nature (attempts to restore and rehearse “original” environments).

Please note that participants interested in this amble will have adequate time to grab a bite to eat or freshen up at their hotel before the start of the opening conference plenary at SFU Woodward’s at 7 pm.

Meet in the Days Inn Downtown lobby (921 West Pender Street) at 3 pm (look for the ACME 2014 sign). Transportation to the Olympic Village site will be arranged from there.

Art Amble 2

Following the end of our panel discussions at SFU Woodward’s on Thursday, August 14th, Neworld Theatre Associate Artist Adrienne Wong will lead participants through adjacent Gastown and the downtown core. Modeled on her successful Olympic-commissioned Podplay for the 2010 PuSh Festival, Wong’s amble promises sonic surprises.

For more information, including meeting point, route, and format, click the link below.

An Art Amble in Three Acts: Adrienne Wong

Art Amble 3

Our final amble, starting at 4:30 pm on Friday, August 15th, is curated and lead by Other Sights for Artists’ collective members Lorna Brown, Barbara Cole, and Vanessa Kwan. Also centred around Olympic Village and the surrounding area of South False Creek, the focus of this amble will be a series of temporary public artworks that have been in the area, the residue of which lingers in public space. How do the effects of these works remain in the atmosphere of the city? In contrast to an assumed monumentality of public sculpture, temporary public art projects—and their residual traces—potentially tell another story about the various ways that artists have chosen to engage with the enormity of the Olympics via integration into unusual or contested areas of the city.

Participants should gather in the World Art Centre, SFU Woodward’s at 4 pm for transport to the amble site.

N.B. All ambles are fully accessible, though we have had to place a cap on numbers for each. If you are interested in participating in one or more of the ambles, please contact with “ACME Art Amble” in the subject line, and indicating your name, email address, and the amble(s) you are interested in. Watch this space for more details regarding start and end points for each amble, as well as transportation to and from each.


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