Links & Background Reading

Background Reading

‘The Cultural Politics of London 2012’ Edited by Jen Harvie and Keren Zaiontz. Special issue of Contemporary Theatre Review. 23.4 (2013)

Duncan Low and Peter V. Hall, ‘The 2010 Cultural Olympiad: Playing for the Global or Local Stage?’, International Journal of Cultural Policy, 18.2, (2012), 131-150.

‘Momentarily Learning from Mega-Events.’ Edited by Bik Van der Pol, Alissa Firth-Eagland, and Urban Spaces. The Western Front Gallery, Vancouver, 2011.

Peter Dickinson. ‘World Stages, Local Audiences’. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2010. Chapter 1.

Unlimited: Digital E-Book commemorating the Unlimited Festival, 2014 London Cultural Olympiad (with a Personal Reflection by Jenny Sealey).


Olympic Games Impact Study (2010 Vancouver Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games):

Realwheels Theatre:

Neville Gabie ‘The Greatest Distance’:

Graeae Theatre:

Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver! public art project:

Neworld Theatre (PodPlays):

The International Centre for Olympic Studies, Western University:


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